Subject: The greatest threat humankind has ever faced
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Date: 01-01-15 23:18

This is the current state of electromagnetic weapons, the greatest harm to human free will ever invented. If you doubt this content, check out this Rockefeller University press release:, reproduced below. Freely distribute this report as much as possible.

Not just about mind control, but can be viewed as 'hacking people.' Voices, feelings, images, movies, and nerve stimulation are beamed into an individual using electromagnetic (EM) waves from a (great) distance. The goal is complete submission to the EM operator's will. These weapons have become operational in 2011 and are so powerful that ALL individuals are very soon rendered powerless, and will submit to the EM operator's will. The EM operators using these weapons have already developed a severe 'god complex' and view themselves as able to do anything to violate the targeted individual. One cannot underestimate the severity of violations and harm that these EM operators are willing to do. This technology may be possessed by the US military and secret services, but is defintely in the hands of what can be described as a 'secret group'.

A voice can be beamed into the individuals ear nerves along with a feeling into the heart, which will work together to create a changed state. For example, a voice may be beamed into the mind that says, 'You're not good', while an overwhelming feeling of doubt is beamed into the heart. The feeling will appear completely real - the individual actually feels it. Because most people use their feelings as a safeguard to check the mind's beliefs, the combination of feelings and voices beamed into an individual makes the voice completely believable. Additionally, the electrical charge from EM waves and also the state of 'brain entrainment' over many hours impairs brain function and makes the individual highly emotional and suggestible. It cannot be overstated how much the individual sense of self is lost during these states.

Responses to these disturbing states are also beamed into the individual as well, adding to the confusion. For example, a few seconds after 'you're not good' is beamed into the individual's mind, an inappropriate response such as 'I hate you', 'I can't handle this', or 'poor me' is beamed into the individual, who may mistake it for their own thought. This is particularly true if a recording of the individual saying the statement is used. This means the individual can no longer trust their secondary reaction to the initial changed state, and in addition, can make the individual think that they are also hateful, weak, or complaining, particularly as the individual may not be able to remember who he truly is.

Using ELF waves, a direct hookup with the individual's brain can also be made from a (great) distance and through almost all metals and mountains. Using a spot just behind the ear, the hookup gives the abililty to read the individual's thoughts. By beaming voices into the individual and reading the individual's thoughts, two-way communication is achieved. The individual then has the EM operator inside their head. The EM operator can then discover the individual's secrets, their fears, and their doubts, and design voice and feeling combinations to cause confusion and panic. The individual's nerves can also be controlled (after learning) via a hookup by stimulating areas of the brain - facial expressions and sudden limb movement can be induced. The EM operator can easily monitor their progress in influencing the individual. A team of EM operators can continually harass the individual causing the individual to lose their sense of identity.

A microwave reverse carrier wave can also be connected to the individual via the groin and can be used to gain information about the frequencies at which the individual's muscle nerves operate. These VLF frequencies can be used to generate EM operator induced muscle contractions including cramps, tingles, facial expressions, eye-ball flickering and so on. When the individual attempts to talk to another person, the individual can be made to appear mentally ill. The muscle effects can also be used to create pain for conditioning the individual, to disrupt the workings of internal organs, to create irritations, and to reinforce the real sense of being constantly monitored. The individual becomes a 'puppet on strings.'

The EM operator can use a cycle of effects to cause most disruption to the individual. For example, first, a few hours of strong radio/microwave waves (any wavelength) can be beamed to create an electric charge and general EM radiation effects on the individual. Then, an ELF frequency can be beamed into the individual that creates a strong feeling of dissociation. This will make the individual fearful, emotional, and highly suggestible. At the same time VLF frequencies (worked out from a previous reverse carrier wave hookup) can be beamed in that, say, cause painful cramps. Then a theatre of voices and scenarios with associated feelings and facial expressions can be beamed in to manipulate the individual. After a three-hour performance, the theater may be briefly paused so that the individual thinks the worst is over and relaxes, but then a crescendo of voices, feelings, and muscle contractions are used to create maximum confusion. If the individual is not broken, a feeling of depression and dissatisfaction can be beamed into the individual until the next theatre performance.

The EM operator can also use positive feelings to get the individual out of balance. The EM operator may beam in the voice 'I like you' along with a feeling of enjoyment, so that the individual hears and feels joy towards his harassers. A combination of positive feelings and harmful thoughts can be particularly disturbing to the individual, for it gives the appearance and real sensation of a reorganization of their values. For example, the EM operator can beam in a positive feeling (or a sexual sensation) along with a voice or image describing a perverted act. Over the cycle, the EM operator may use say 95% negative thoughts plus related feelings and 5% positive thoughts plus related feelings to get the individual out of a calm state, where the individual is more easily influenced and manipulated. 

- drunkeness- a feeling of dissociation that nothing is real. The mind is in a dreamstate. 
- difficulty thinking
- difficulty remembering short-term and recalling long-term memory
- overconfidence concerning mental ability
- emotional state of suggestibility
- paranoia e.g. being followed, people out to harm
- hallucinations e.g. see faces in plants and movement in peripheral vision

These effects worsen as the EM charge builds on the body/head - can discharge through earthed feet.

Specific EM wave frequencies can be used to:
- Create intense dissociation - a state of mind where you doubt your own existence - makes the individual stop and check that 'I'm still here'. Very uncomfortable as it causes fear that one has lost his mind/existence. VLF wave at 9820 Hz, also certain ELF frequencies. Note: ELF [0-100 Hz], VLF [3-30kHz].
- Push the individual to have run-on thoughts, reveal secret thoughts, speak too much.
- Interrupt the train of thought - may be impossible to complete a coherent sentence out of your thoughts. May forget what you wanted to think.
- Blank the mind  - may stare into space, or go quiet speaking mid sentence, and then forget what you were talking about.
- Make the individual think about things which he does not want to think about. For example, by beaming voices and images into the individual at specific EM frequencies, the individual can be made to have sexual thoughts while talking to his mother, or even have sexual thoughts about his mother while talking to her.
- Make it impossible to navigate or follow directions (like whales and birds in nature).

A wide spectrum of EM wave frequencies radiations (ELF [0-100 Hz], VLF [3-30kHz], radio waves, and microwaves) can beam voices into the ear nerves. These will be heard as a thought in the individual's head. The original character and personality of the voice is maintained, so the individual will be aware that someone is telepathically communicating with them.

Feelings can be beamed into the heart region, just below the left ribcage, using VLF wave frequencies. For example, 6880 Hz is a severe depression, often used at the end of a theatre session. The effect of the feelings are absolutely devastating. When you are dissociative and feeling intense fear (or doubt), instinct is to run. But you have to sit there quietly in real terror that you have really lost your mind and self. With the feeling, the voices trigger your mind to go to your deepest fears, and if the theatre is well designed, you may very well get sucked into the EM operators' illusion.

Left ear most common, either in the ear canal (can be painful) or behind the ear, just below the height of the ear canal, slightly towards the middle of the skull from the raised bone falling outside the ear lobe (accessing the Cerebellum). Can interact with thoughts in real time - actually having them in your head! 

Hookups must be an ELF wave and cannot be carried on a carrier wave. Can also allow the EM operator to control muscles via the brain, so can cause a large number of different facial expressions with much more precise control than using VLF frequencies to contract muscles (see below).

Information gathering hookup through the left groin (also right groin and point in middle of ribcage directly in front). Way to get information back so can get all the frequencies to manipulate particular muscles by trial and error. Can use supercomputer to partially read your thoughts. The reverse carrier wave must be microwave, and can be blocked by grounded flyscreen.

Gamma ELF frequency (98.7 Hz) is most common, although switch to beta waves once brain begins to adapt. Causes speeding up of thoughts so that they are out of control, racing from one topic to another and jump about. Cannot hold a constant image in your mind, or mentally visualize a simple action sequence like hitting a tennis ball. Strong drunkeness and sense of dissociation. Confuses the individual so that they are emotional, highly suggestible, and perhaps crazy. Prevents sleep. Induces feelings of angst and paranoia.

Loud and varying volume ringing in the ears (tinnitus) can become the signature of the EM operator. Use this noise to add tension, often during the crescendo of a theatre performance. Authority voices are used in conjunction with loud tinnitus, perhaps to introduce the role of God in the EM operators' theatre. ELF waves at 37.3 Hz. 

Radio waves can be used to move the inner ear canal to create the sensation of movement in the individual. He may be made to trip over or otherwise injure himself. Some 'gravity waves' give the appearance the the room is floating and rocking about. While the individual sits in a chair the sensation of being pushed about can be induced by the EM operator. Gravity waves can also be used to create the sensation of fast vibrating or beating of the entire body or a specific region of the body, an uncomfortable sensation. 

High doses of EM radiation can make the individual sleepy. Sleep can be caused by ELF waves at 0-4Hz (same as delta brain waves), or 0-4Hz can be delivered as binaural using, say, a 4500Hz VLF carrier wave. However, the EM operator may also use a frequency that is a knockout sleep weapon that shuts down consciousness. 

These are long acting restrictions on vital body systems that can last weeks. Tensing muscles that interfere with workings of the body, include:
- Throat lock - tensed throat muscles, unnatural appearance to others, difficult to swallow.
- Stomach lock - tensed stomach muscle so that the body is doubled over to the front all the time.
- Heart grip  - a painful tightness around the heart that speeds up heartbeat, uncomfortable at best and can be painful. Can be intensified to feel like a heart attack.
- Head grip - painful pressure around the head from forehead around top and sides, back to the hookup point.
- Heavy head weapon - sensation of head being pushed to floor, VLF wave at 9,780 Hz.

After a reverse carrier wave hookup, face muscles can be contracted by the EM operator, who will either save these for public interactions or make facial expressions that reinforce the feeling beamed in. The individual can be at a shop counter and facial muscles are contracted to give an unnatural expression suggesting mental health issues, perversion, or aggression, and the individual in a dissociative state, may be completely unaware that he made these expressions. The EM operator can also cause trembling/shaking of the entire body. A combination of facial muscle contractions and trembling can make it appear that the individual is being deceptive and/or acting guilty. A simple 'tic' or twitch can be induced in the face that may appear very odd, particularly to people who know the individual well. Similarly, sudden head movements, say looking off to the left rapidly during a conversation, will also appear odd.

Skin sensations on the face can also be beamed into the individual. It may feel like worms are moving about under the nose and travelling up to the eyes. If an individual attempts to meditate, a rapid tingling may be felt in the center of the forehead. Skin sensations are distraction and irritation.

EM radiation often makes it difficult to focus and see clearly. Particular EM radiation designed for the eye include:
- Blurring of vision
- Painful pinprick VLF beam into eyeball that reddens it, may cause crying.
- Eye trembling - an ordeal as eyeballs flutter and hurt.
- Winking, blinking.
- Looking in a direction - can be the eyeball moving or an induced head movement.

Some other physical effects include:
- Painful cramping - finger joints, toe joints, bottom of feet, forearms, shins/front of lower leg, stomach, side of ribcage, shoulder, back.
- Stomach tingling - not painful almost playful, irritating, designed to show the EM operator's power over you. ELF wave at 47.1 Hz.
- Feet and leg tingling to simulate electrical discharge through the feet (particularly when they are beaming EM waves into your feet to prevent electrical discharge of body).
- Head tingling.
- Painful heating of anus. Particularly if the dehydrating effects of EM waves has caused constipation.
- Testicle tingling, testicle stretching.
- Sexual stimulation of penis via internal nerve.
- Penis movement.
- Clothes movement (method is hard to believe but involves magnetized nickel atoms in air), particularly underwear - can even attempt to masturbate the individual in public by moving the underwear.

Songs are beamed into the ear nerves, normally with lyrics that are relevant to the theatre performance, and can run continuously on a little snippet for days. Normally switched off though if real music is played. 

Satellite - can target individual while driving car.
Mobile units on back of small trucks - limited range of transmissions, but can have sound weapons and far-infrared weapons as well.

ELF waves can also be used to install programs into the individual's brain. Each has a personality/voice(s). Two can run almost simultaneously at times although programs run in series normally. Can even interact with each other. 

The programs live in the electrical pathways of the brain. The brain is tricked into believing that it is learning something new by entraining the brain using alpha waves that have the program. The alpha waves are beamed ELF waves from a distance. The brain then maintains the electric pathway - the program - (no reinforcement is necessary) provided a 'field' is created for the programs to survive. The field is created by either the EM field (electric charge) created by EM waves, the presence of a biological substance in the body, or an implant. 

The program will direct the brain to do the actual thought. e.g. go find a degrogatory sentence for an observation. The program is performing the job of consciousness. It is as though the brain is being fooled into thinking that the program is consciousness. The mind seems crowded at times while programs run, and true consciousness can be crowded out. The individual may believe the (abnormal) thoughts are their own, adding further stress.

A program requires an ELF hookup and 12 hours upload time to install. However, the latest (and very disturbing information), is that ELF entrainment only (virtually unblockable) and 8 hours upload is all that is required to install a program. This implies that an individual may get a program installed via a satellite without ever knowing it while sleeping (only a slightly drunk sore head as a symptom). Sample programs that an individual may experience (yes, all at the same time):

* Fear program - the thought that something (specific) and terrible will happen.

* Doubt program - will bring up the exact opposite, most devastating doubt about the current situation. The thought expressed will disregard all evidence contrary to the doubt. 

* Exaggeration program - takes private (unvoiced) thoughts and voices these thoughts adding (swear) words with an emotional tone, e.g. anger. So a simple observation becomes expressed as the thoughts of an emotional personality. Gives the impression of uncontrolled thoughts. e.g. A thought of relief may be expressed as 'About time!' with a smartass tone.

* Echo program - will repeat the last thought after a few seconds delay - the thought can be another program's thought.

* Chastising lady program - thoughts will tell off and abuse, as a demanding authority figure. This program often uses unvoiced private thoughts (that may be checking the correctness of an action) as a basis for the reprimand. A strange collection of authority personalities, even (rarely) masculine.

* Ben Stern program - Two thoughts: either 'shut up, sit down' or 'I told you to say nothing stupid'. Voice is from the Howard Stern radio show (New York).

* Blank Out program - will cause a complete lack of brain function and will stare into space.

* (Garbled) Thought Confusion program - will interfere with the thought stream causing disruption mid sentence and confusion. Often other programs are triggered.

* Song Snippet program - will replay a small section of last heard song - will continue the song beamed in by the EM operator, once the beam stops.

* Violence program - triggered by a face, will implant image of striking that person with right fist. Woman and children are primary triggers but can run (rarely) anytime without a face.

* Eye Blinking program - Eyes will blink when making a large movement in direction of vision, e.g. look to the left, or look-up.

* Look Left program - a sudden head movement and look to the left.

* Too Fast program - causes sudden movements, and generally moving too fast - sped up unnaturally. So may rush across to the other side of room to get something. Also works for talking, eating, etc.

* Unsatisfied program - thought that current activity is too difficult or some other reason. Not happy about current situation, thought to do something different. Leads to frustration if followed.

* Contradiction program - sleepy tone, runs contrary thought after a thought is completed. A 'nooo' after yes is thought, or 'you like this' after not liking something.

* Run-on program - thought stream continues although true thought stream was consciously stopped. Added on thoughts may be emotional and/or immature.

* Smugness program - when some activity is going well, thoughts with smug personality expressed. e.g. 'good!' and other praise.

* Child program - thought is expressed with the personality of a young child, e.g. excited.

* Adolesence program - thought expressed is stupid/immature, often triggering the Chastising Lady or Ben Stern program. e.g. achievement may become 'na na na!' Called adolescence program because of the teenage tone of the thought/voice.

* Poor Me program - expresses self-pity thoughts.

* Limitation program - 'you're not able....'

* Sexual program - sexual thoughts triggered at inappropriate triggers.

* Self-mutilation program - thoughts and images of self harm.
Rockefeller neurobiology lab is awarded first-round BRAIN initiative grant
October 7, 2014 | Awards and Honors 
A proposal to develop a new way to remotely control brain cells from Sarah Stanley, a Research Associate in Rockefeller University's Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, headed by Jeffrey M. Friedman, is among the first to receive funding from U.S. President Barack Obama's BRAIN initiative. The project will make use of a technique called radiogenetics that combines the use of radio waves or magnetic fields with nanoparticles to turn neurons on or off.
The NIH is one of four federal agencies involved in the BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) initiative. Following in the ambitious footsteps of the Human Genome Project, the BRAIN initiative seeks to create a dynamic map of the brain in action, a goal that requires the development of new technologies. The BRAIN initiative working group, which outlined the broad scope of the ambitious project, was co-chaired by Rockefeller's Cori Bargmann, head of the Laboratory of Neural Circuits and Behavior.
Stanley's grant, for $1.26 million over three years, is one of 58 projects to get BRAIN grants, the NIH announced. The NIH's plan for its part of this national project, which has been pitched as 'America's next moonshot,' calls for $4.5 billion in federal funds over 12 years. 
BRAIN control: The new technology uses radio waves to activate or silence cells remotely. The bright spots above represent cells with increased calcium after treatment with radio waves, a change that would allow neurons to fire. 
The technology Stanley is developing would enable researchers to manipulate the activity of neurons, as well as other cell types, in freely moving animals in order to better understand what these cells do. Other techniques for controlling selected groups of neurons exist, but her new nanoparticle-based technique has a unique combination of features that may enable new types of experimentation. For instance, it would allow researchers to rapidly activate or silence neurons within a small area of the brain or dispersed across a larger region, including those in difficult-to-access locations. Stanley also plans to explore the potential this method has for use treating patients.
'Francis Collins, director of the NIH, has discussed the need for studying the circuitry of the brain, which is formed by interconnected neurons. Our remote-control technology may provide a tool with which researchers can ask new questions about the roles of complex circuits in regulating behavior,' Stanley says.
Tags: BRAIN Initiative, neuroscience, radiogenetics, Sarah Stanley 
.	Contact: Zach Veilleux | 212-327-8982 

Entrainment quote, Jerry E. Smith 'HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy', taken from a Michael Tsarion youtube 'The Order of the Black Sun,', from Jim Keith 'Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness'.

For epochs, Schumann's resonances have provided the orchestrating pulse for life on this planet - our planetary heartbeat, which sets the tempo for health and well-being.....

ELF frequencies of Schumann's resonance [SR] are intimately linked with those of human brain waves. Natural or artifically induced changes in SR could affect the subtle and perhaps gross brain-wave generation.

Liquid crystals (DNA, brain ventricles and cellular structures) in the human body may operate as antenna for detecting and decoding such global and local ELF signals.
Can brain waves interfere with radio waves? 
Not likely. Brain waves are too slow, and so weak they're extremely hard to measureā€¦ 
Radio waves and brain waves are both forms of electromagnetic radiation-waves of energy that travel at the speed of light. The difference between brain waves, radio waves, and other electromagnetic waves (such as visible light, X-rays and Gamma rays) lies in their frequency-that is, how often the waves peak and trough in a second. 
Radio waves, which include radio and other wireless transmission signals, as well as other natural signals in the same frequency, peak and trough at between 50 and 1000 megahertz-that's between 50 million and one billion oscillations per second.
The human brain also emits waves, like when a person focuses her attention or remembers something.  This activity fires thousands of neurons simultaneously at the same frequency generating a wave-but at a rate closer to 10 to 100 cycles per second.
Interference happens when two waves of the same or very similar frequencies bump into each other. This might happen when the signals from two radio stations, both broadcasting at 89.7 megahertz from different cities, bump into one another. 'The shape of the waves changes linearly, they add to and subtract from one another,' saysDimitrios Pantazis, director of the Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Laboratory at MIT's McGovern Institute. As a result, songs become static.
But, says Pantazis, since their frequencies are so wildly different, brain waves don't interfere with radio waves. Even if that was the case, brain waves are so weak, they are hardly measurable at all. For comparison, says Pantazis, 'the magnetic field of the earth is just strong enough to move the needle of a compass. Signals from the brain are a billionth of that strength.'
Hard to measure, but not impossible. MIT recently installed a new MEG scanner to study the function of the human brain. To capture brain signals, the MEG scanner is in a room shielded with mu metal, a special alloy that blocks external magnetic fields. 'Like a rock in the middle of a river, this metal forces all electromagnetic signals to flow around the room and doesn't let any inside,' says Pantazis.
The MEG scanner consists of a helmet that contains 306 sensors spaced uniformly across its surface. These 'superconducting quantum interference detectors' (SQUID) are cooled to near absolute zero, which makes them superconductive and, according to Pantazis, 'able to measure even the slightest magnetic signals from the brain.'
The MEG lab, open since March 2011, is used by researchers across MIT. Projects are as diverse as studying visual attention, language processing, or even olfactory responses to pleasant and unpleasant smells. 'It is a very exciting field of research, you never know how the brain will respond to different stimuli', says Pantazis. Meanwhile, the song on the radio remains the same. - Elizabeth Dougherty
Thanks to 19-year-old Adroit Dexter from India for this question.
- Posted: October 25, 2011